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Dr, Bob Rich
Loving Healing Press
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This user’s guide begins with the thought, “You need to be crazy to stay sane in a crazy world,” the author immediately begins explaining his self-help information. He lists ways to help yourself that are mostly free. He also describes what people think will bring them happiness that do not necessarily help, such as material objects. The author is a universal world citizen, citing how major religions view depression.
The first part of the book is short, clear, and concise. A more philosophical discussion follows later in the book detailing the specific aspects of depression, examples of people who exhibited them, and how the people became better.
The stories are easy to relate to as the writing is conversational and kind.
 Facts about sleep are detailed, as sleep can be a problem in depression. Dr. Rich says too much or too little sleep can both be a problem. Relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, and flow theory are also covered.
Throughout the book, links to further explanation are provided which are usually on Dr. Bob Rich’s website. In the Kindle version, a person can just click the links to easily find more discussion on the topics. He also recommends several books that will help most people. He suggests some people might benefit from in-short-term person counseling, as well.
Carolyn Wilhelm

Sacred Grief: Exploring A New Dimension to Grief

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Brand: Loving Healing Press
Are you ready to discover what lies beyond the ordinary experience of grief?

Sacred Grief offers an intriguing exploration of the far-reaching ripple
effect of our present-day opinions about surviving grief's emotional
roller-coaster and the unnecessary suffering our judgments unconsciously
promote. You'll find comfort in discovering that there's another
dimension to this universal experience--a dimension that fosters trust,
kindness and compassion, peacefully heals, and steadfastly moves you
towards your soul's deepest desires and dreams.

Praise for Sacred Grief

"Because we will all have the experience, Sacred Grief is a compelling
guide for everyone searching for the sweetness in life's great passages."

--Gregg Braden, author, The Divine Matrix and The God Code

"Sacred Grief is a holy handbook for gleaning the gifts of the journey
called grief."

--Mary Manin Morrissey, Co-founder, Association for Global New Thought

"Sacred Grief is a welcome departure from the conventional advice about
'surviving' grief."

--Jill Carroll, Ph.D., Executive Director, Boniuk Center for the Study and
Advancement of Religious Tolerance, Rice University

"I highly recommend this book to anyone that has experienced any type of loss in their lives
and is willing to look at the loss through a different set of eyes. Tessman, in Sacred Grief, will
lead the reader to a place of compassion for oneself, create a relationship with his/her own grief,
and ultimately create a place of understanding and a healed soul."

--Irene Watson, Managing Editor, Reader Views

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