Amy Wilinski-Lyman on “Every Damn Day” show

Every Damn Day – Amy Wilinski-Lyman – How Play Therapy can Help Children with Depression

Hey everyone it’s Jerry Norris at The Fledge, welcome to another episode of Every Damn Day and today i’ve got our new friend Amy on the show and we’re gonna talk about playing.

Hi, how are you doing Amy?

I am doing great I’m ready to play

You are ready to play already.

All right so let’s go let’s start out with tell us something about you we don’t really know you yet and we we’re looking forward to our relationship and let’s get to know you a little bit

Let’s see, “I am a Scorpio, I enjoy a long walks on the beach,”  ha ha! Yeah um I have three wonderful children who’d be so embarrassed that I said that I have two boys who are in high school they are a junior and a sophomore in Waverly and i have a 10 year old daughter who’s also in Waverly

Strategies: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Journey

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I am one of the individuals in this growing epidemic. In 1997, after a
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I've never been someone who dictates advice, so my book provides worksheets you can develop
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"This book is a passionate, intense account of one person's
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