Nancy Schwartz on Raising a Son with Trisomy 21 / Down Syndrome

Nancy Schwartz:”Up, Not Down Syndrome: Uplifting Lessons Learned from Raising a Son with Trisomy 21″

Presented February 11, 2021
for Phoenixville Public Library

Up, Not Down Syndrome is a love letter and a map. Experience how it feels to think your life is over after having an unlovable baby. At first the loss seems impossible to overcome. Alex becomes Nancy’s greatest teacher. Love is stronger than fear. Everyone has gifts. The book consists of three parts: the story, the lessons Alex taught Nancy, and Alex’s perspective. Up, Not Down Syndrome is a promise to stay positive, no matter what: up, not down. Nancy’s journey gets to the core of what it is to be human.

Nancy M. Schwartz has taught in Pennsylvania for 26 years. She holds certificates as an ESL program specialist, reading specialist, and elementary and early education teacher. Nancy’s undergraduate degree came from Temple University, and she attended graduate school at Saint Joseph’s University. Nancy spent several summers studying at the Teachers College Columbia University, Reading and Writing Project. She enjoys ballet, reading, writing, art, fashion, animals, music, and, most of all, motherhood. This is her first book. More info at​.

Crisis Intervention for Disaster Workers

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This book provides information about training for mental health professionals and first responders who work with victims of disaster related stress and trauma. It helps prepare them to relate with disaster victims and co-workers. Warning signs and symptoms are explored together with stages, strategies and interventions for recovery.

The book will introduce you to disasters, the community response, the roles of first responders, Disaster Mental Health Services and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) responders and teams. It provides a brief overview of these and their roles in responding to the needs of both victims and disaster workers. The role of CISM is presented and discussed both for disasters and other critical incidents. This includes discussion about war, terrorism and follow-up responses by mental health professionals. The book is designed to help readers identify appropriate methods for activating Disaster Mental Health Crisis Intervention Teams for disaster mental health services for victims, co-workers, and self.

The content includes general theory and models of Disaster Mental Health, CISM, crisis intervention techniques commonly used in these situations, supportive research, and practice of approaches used in responding to the victims, workers and communities affected by disasters, critical incidents and terrorism threats and events.

What People are Saying About Crisis Intervention Training for Disaster Workers

"Provides a breadth and depth of knowledge as well as practical tools for beginner to expert. Should be required reading for all disaster responders, and, especially, mental health professionals considering disaster work."
--Bruce L. Andrews, MS, LPC (ARC Disaster Mental Provider/Instructor)

"This text serves as a wonderful adjunct and lead into the discipline of CISM. It provides a brief survey of disaster mental health and disaster mental health services."
--Thomas Mitchell, LPC

Rocky Mountain Disaster Mental Health Institute Press
"Learning from the past and planning for the future"

Please visit the Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute Press

PSY018000 Psychology : Mental Illness
EDU045000 Education : Counseling - Crisis Management
SOC040000 Social Science : Disasters & Disaster Relief

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