Portland Book Review on Alfredo Zotti’s “Music Therapy”

Music is like receiving a gift on Christmas, but not knowing the full extent of its capabilities. It’s great to have the music and use it for what we think it’s meant for, but if we knew of its power, we’d appreciate and use it a whole lot more. The famous musician Alfred Zotti has written Music Therapy: An Introduction with Case Studies for Mental Illness Recovery to diminish our ignorance in this area and start using music in a positive, life-changing way. Zotti discusses the real-life benefits of music with Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, autism, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression.

Zotti writes about mental illness from personal experience; this is helpful to know when the reader wants to learn information that is tried and true. I appreciate the case studies that are included; they drive home the points that he makes in each short chapter and shows it applied to a person. The way he writes is simple to understand, and the information and facts that he presents are eye-opening. Any reader can benefit from this book!

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Music Therapy: An Introduction with Case Studies for Mental Illness Recovery

You've Gotta Fight Back!: Winning with serious illness, injury, or disability

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Brand: Loving Healing Press
The heart of this book consists of thirteen, riveting, in-depth stories of
people who fought back with courage, humor, and a positive attitude. In
doing so, they have provided valuable guidance for you, the readers of this
inspiring work.

  • The seriously ill, their friends and family will gain
    priceless advice on coping, dealing with depression,
    how to partner with the medical profession, the
    tremendous value of self-help groups and the vital
    importance of attitude.
  • Those with disabilities will learn how others have
    successfully played the hand they were dealt and managed
    to live successful, fulfilling lives. The disabled
    and those with serious illnesses can learn from each
    other. There are no silver bullets buried in these pages,
    just the sound, useable experience of others.
  • Caregivers, be they family, friends, or health professionals will gain
    great insight from the in-depth stories of survivors, the bereaved, and those
    who died with grace and even style.

"This book helps sufferers and caregivers alike to make sense of their
situation, to avoid the mistakes while copying the successful strategies of
these very real people."

--Bob Rich, PhD, author of Cancer: A Personal Challenge

"Far from a mere theoretical discourse and despite its potentially morbid
topic, it brims with life: real cases, real people, real triumphs over a
variety of illnesses and the distress they cause. A treasure trove of celebrated
stories of survival and passages from the memoirs of those who
made it." --Sam Vaknin, PhD, author of Malignant Self Love
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