Midwest Book Review on “Please Explain Vaccines to Me”

Please Explain Vaccines to Me: Because I HATE SHOTS!
9781615996131, $29.95, HC, 44pp

Shots, injections, needles, and vaccines-whatever their purpose, they all hurt. More than half of children in the 6-17 year-old range report a strong fear of needles. Nearly 25% of adults do as well. This book is for those families who cringe at the thought of getting one.

For some children, getting a shot is a major ordeal. Ramped-up anxiety can lead to tantrums, meltdowns, outbursts and even fainting. That 30-second experience can be a nightmare for parents for and nursing staff alike. “Please Explain Vaccines to Me: Because I HATE SHOTS!” by Laurie Zelinger is vital resource will help to improve that dreaded scenario.

“Please Explain Vaccines to Me: Because I HATE SHOTS!” opens with an engaging story for children where rhyme, colorful illustrations and characters of diversity capture a child’s interest as they identify with a girl who has similar fears. The children’s section is followed by a comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers, based on empirical research as well as Dr. Zelinger’s decades of experience as a child psychologist, where she offers information and explicit solutions to help deal with the anxiety surrounding this common medical procedure.

Children will: Identify with the main character and her fear of shots; Enjoy the colorful illustrations and happy story ending; Learn coping mechanisms to deal with frightening situations; Feel supported by their parents who will know how to help; Reduce their anxiety and become more cooperative during medical visits. While Parents and Caregivers will: Understand the reasoning behind the fear of injections; Learn strategies to help their child before and during a medical visit; Be better able to comfort their child.

Made even more urgently necessary for parents and kids now that the Covid-19 vaccines are available for children ages 5-11, “Please Explain Vaccines to Me: Because I HATE SHOTS!” simply must be acquired by and made a part of every family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library Health/Medicine collections for children ages 5-12. It would be especially useful for physicians working with vaccine reluctant people who have been victims of the on-going and pernicious Anti-Vax misinformation campaigns that are resulting in a continuing Covid epidemic currently raging through the unvaccinated population of the United States and abroad.

Editorial Note: Dr. Laurie Zelinger is a Board Certified Psychologist with a specialty in School Psychology, and a Registered Play Therapist with over 45 years’ experience. She is a licensed New York State psychologist who, after retiring from a Long Island public school system, is now devoting her time exclusively to writing, consulting, and her busy private practice for children. As a highly respected child psychologist, she has contributed to nearly 200 venues regarding child development. She maintains an informative website at www.DrZelinger.com

Children’s Bookwatch: December 2021
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Diane Donovan, Editor
Midwest Book Review
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King Arthur's Children: A Study In Fiction And Tradition

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Depending on which version of the legend you read, he had both sons and
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King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition is the first full-length
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Arthurian Authors Praise "King Arthur's Children"

"Author Tyler R. Tichelaar has performed impeccable research into the Arthurian
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"Tyler R. Tichelaar's in-depth analysis of the plausibility of King Arthur's
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--Cheryl Carpinello, author of Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend

About the Author

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., is the author of several historical novels, most notably
The Marquette Trilogy and the award-winning Narrow Lives. King Arthur's
Children reveals his findings into the Arthurian legend as a precursor
to his upcoming novel King Arthur's Legacy.

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