D.C. Spaar’s Book Nook reads “Please Explain Alzheimer’s to Me!”

Please Explain Alzheimer’s Disease to Me introduces the condition to children in a colorful, sensitive and gentle story, followed by a parent/caregiver section that supplies comprehensive information that adults can use to understand and plan for the course of the disease affecting their loved one. Dr. Zelinger, a board-certified psychologist for children, presents the situation to children in a warm, developmentally appropriate way using appealing characters of diversity, child friendly language and familiar scenes they can relate to, as well as scripts that parents can use when speaking to their child. This book is more than a helpful guide-it’s the only book you will need if you have a child who is asking, “What’s wrong with grandpa?”
Children will:

  • Enjoy the story and illustrations and will identify with the main characters
  • Get answers to their questions
  • Grasp the nature and reason for a grandparent’s changes
  • Learn basic biological information about brain function
  • Understand why a grandparent will require more care
  • Feel empowered and find ways they can be helpful

Parents and caregivers will:

  • Have word-for-word scripts available to answer their child’s questions
  • Learn about the progression of the disease
  • Understand their role and the nature of care that is required
  • Gain information for decision-making in areas of medical, emotional and daily care
  • Know they are not alone in this difficult journey

Coping with Physical Loss and Disability: A Manual

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This workbook provides more than 50 questions and exercises designed to empower those with physical loss and disability to
better understand and accept their ongoing processes of loss and recovery. The exercises in Coping with Physical Loss and
were distilled from twenty-five years of clinical social work experience with clients suffering from quadriplegia,
paraplegia, amputation, cancer, severe burns, HIV/AIDs, and neuro-muscular disorders arising from accidents, injury, and disease.

"Rick Ritter captures the depth of the emotional pain in the aftermath of physical loss and disability."
-- Rev. James W. Clifton, Ph.D., LCSW

"The examples given by the author are very relevant and will help the sufferer relate to similar situations."
-- S.V. Swamy, Holistic Healer and editor of Homeopathy For Everyone

It helped me identify feelings I was unaware of, like anger, and I put on paper how lonely I am.
-- J.B., a reader who has used this book to change her life.

This workbook is a very good stimulus for focusing on issues crucial for better coping with loss and disability.
-- Beni R. Jakob, Ph.D, Israeli Arthritis Foundation (INBAR)

About the Author

Rick Ritter, MSW, a disabled veteran and social worker, has worked with hundreds of clients who have experienced physical loss and disability.
This workbook is a distillation of the very best questions and exercises to draw the client towards re-taking control of their life. He has competed
in international events for disabled athletes. Ritter was also a major contributor to got parts? An Insider's Guide to Managing Life Successfully
with Dissociative Identity Disorder
. He currently resides in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
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