SF Book Review on Serena Tejpar’s “You Are So Much More”

You Are So Much More: An Inspiration for Children Healing from Trauma or Injury follows the tumultuous journey of a young girl who is struggling with her chronic illness. While other children her age are playing outside, going to school, and experiencing the freedom of youth, she must stay in hospital to receive treatment. Since her condition is not mentioned, the story should be easily relatable for any child struggling with any serious ailment. The author acknowledges how scary it can be to live with a serious condition, but also offers hope and encouragement for young survivors.

It is refreshing to see a children’s book that tackles this sensitive subject with a perfect combination positivity and realism. This story is equally important for healthy children to hear. Even though they may not be able to relate to the main character presently, they will gain a better understanding of the daily struggles that plague individuals who are battling illness. The emotions portrayed will help children build empathy toward sick individuals, while also showing how brave one must be to withstand all these challenges. The author provides resources after the story to assist adults who are caring for a child with a chronic illness.

Reviewed By: for San Francisco Book Review
Author Serena Tejpar
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 44 pages
Publisher Loving Healing Press
Publish Date 01-Jun-2022
ISBN 9781615996322
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Issue June 2022
Category Children’s

101 Tips To Lighten Your Burden

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Practical Advice For Life
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Binding: Paperback
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Edition: 1st
Author: Jennifer Bonn
Pages: 62
Publication Date: 10/01/2021

We all have burdens of some kind, though we may carry them in different ways. The way we react to our challenges in life will determine whether we continue to struggle or whether we live life to the fullest.

When we are faced with roadblocks in life, we always have choices. We can let them paralyze us and not move forward, we can bust through them leaving havoc in our wake, or we can find a way around them continuing down our path.

101 Tips to Lighten Your Burden gives you quick, easy-to-read advice on how to handle many of life's struggles. You can pick it up whenever you need a lift. It will be like the voice of a friend telling you what you can do to make the situation better.

Readers will....

  • Discover ways to cope with difficult situations.
  • Realize that they are not alone with what they face in life.
  • Find solace in the messages given.
  • See they have power to make choices by how they react.
  • Feel empowered by the messages.

"I have a Ph.D. in psychology, and decades of therapeutic experience, and I can tell you, this book could have been written by an experienced psychologist. Ms. Bonn could change professions, and become a professor in the psychology department of any university. In particular, she is an expert in Positive Psychology." --Bob Rich, PhD, Author of From Depression to Contentment

"Jennifer Bonn's writings are inspiring and thought-provoking. Her articles contain positive steps to become a better person. Her writings always contain sound advice with a slightly humorous slant." --Rebecca Gilbert, Director, Physician Coding Compliance, Wellstar Health System

"There is no doubt that Jennifer Bonn's new book will meet your expectations. I have been following her writing for years, and her essays are always insightful and intriguing and often humorous. Jennifer's writing has a way of empowering you. It is a feel-good guide of learning, accepting, and discovering." --Kimberly Tucker, aircraft mechanic

The 101 Tips Series

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