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Certainly one of our top three most FAQs is “What kind of marketing do you do?” I’m always hesitant to answer this because nobody can carry out a marketing campaign as effectively as the author him/herself. You know your market, you know your message, you know the media outlets (blogs, newsletters, journals) that are your unique constituency. No one else has the contacts and yes the ACCESS that you have. Too often, an author thinks well the publisher says he/she will do the marketing so that’s handled and I needn’t bother. I’ll just call a few bookstores and declare victory. Would that it were so simple.

The biggest decision you need to make is “How many hours a week am I willing to commit to marketing?” The marketing gurus all suggest that you do at least one thing each day to promote your book: email an expert in the field, request a review, post on someone else’s blog, write a short e-zine or article for a newsletter in your field, submit a proposal to speak at a local or regional event. Are you noticing that none of this is a huge expense? I hope so.

Of course we will support you in everything we do but we cannot become an expert in your field overnight nor do we have the passion that you have for your own unique book. That being said, there is a list of standard items that we will perform for all our new titles. We never charge authors for any marketing related services. Ever. Period.

Standard Marketing Tasks and Services



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