POD – Print on Demand model

Why POD Model is superior to Offset printing runs


What POD Offset
POD means books are shipped from factories in TN, PA, CA, UK, or Australia to wholesaler direct. Offset books are shipped
at least twice (printer to warehouse, warehouse to wholesaler) adding $0.50 to $2.00 per copy depending on order size
Storage POD printed books arrive pristine to the consumer with no storage fees Offset books are stored on palettes in warehouses and incur monthly storage and fulfillment costs raising the price
$0.25 to $0.75 per book
Damage POD printed books ship directly from the factories with no environmental or pest damage Offset books can suffer damage from water (flood, rain, humidity), fire, and pests for which they are not insured. Potential for complete loss of product.
Time-to-market Once files are 100% prepared, the first edition can be available in 7
business days from submission to printer
Wait 3-4 weeks for your order to be printed, boxed, and shipped.
Revisions 2nd and 3rd printings can fix mistakes for
little cost
Publisher must destroy remaining inventory to make way for revised printings. Unrecoverable loss
All titles available through simultaneous printing in UK, Australia, and Sharjah and distributors in London and the EU. To Canada via Ingram Impossible to sell overseas unless re-sold to another publisher .
Wholesalers Automatically entered into Ingram Book Group Distribution requires approval process which takes 3-4 weeks, assuming they say yes.
Paperback and hardcover Can sell both paperback and hardcover simultaneously Higher inventory and production costs mean you can’t sell both at the same time efficiently


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