What Authors Say

What Authors Are Saying About Loving Healing Press and Modern History Press

  • “I’m really happy with how this project turned out!!!! Thanks for being you and for all you do!!!!”  — Nancy M. Schwartz, author of Up, Not Down Syndrome and Up Bow, Down Bow: A Child with Down Syndrome Masters the Cello
  • “I received the books for Cady #1 with the new cover and all I can say is, “Wow!” I love them. My son, my friends, have all commented on how much more professional it is. Thank you for believing in me and in this book.”  –Ann Dallman, author of Cady Whirlwind Thunder Mysteries
  • “Thanks so much for replying to me. THAT’S why a large publisher wouldn’t have worked for me!
    I HATE being ignored! And I luv all the personal support which you and your publishing organisation has given me.” –Helen Ross Lee, author of The Phoenix Rising
  • “I’ve been around the block many times and, for me, your approach and results stand out and glow with a particular spirit, integrity, and intelligence in our large field of publishing. It’s a winning triumvirate. You’re welcome back anytime.”  — Lorraine Ash, Pathways to Publishing
  • “Thank you so very much Victor for completing this book with me. It was my dream for many years. I appreciate your faith in me and my work. From the bottom of my heart, I say Thanks.” — Laurie Zelinger, PhD
  • “Pardon my redundancy, but thank you. I feel very lucky that I found you and Loving Healing Publishing. You have helped Noah navigate the editing/ publishing process with purpose and patience. What a learning, as well as, exciting process. I have always felt you had our backs–the best feeling of all. Gratefully, Lauren Persons”
  • “You are really something. The best communicator, king of publishers. Based on what I hear from authors. ” — Carolyn Howard-Johnson, HowToDoItFrugally Series
  • “Well you are by FAR my FAVORITE publisher.  I love, love, love working with you.” — Maggy Williams, author of I’m Mixed and other books
  • “I say ‘our’ book, because it is! I literally could not have written this book without your involvement in the editing process, without your capabilities within the publishing industry, without your passion for getting books which may help people out there and without your entrepreneurial expertise in promotions, using established places such as libraries and universities, to authenticate a product….”
    — Helen Ross, author of The Phoenix Rising
  • Dear friend, Marvelous! I couldn’t do better. You are a great critic-publisher and I haven’t come across any such publisher in my literary career! Many many congratulations dear sir!
    — Prof. K.V. Dominic
  • “I just want to say, Victor, that what you are sending is so helpful, and I appreciate all the time, effort, and energy you spend on researching, establishing and maintaining relationships, and communicating options for how I might better market. It’s all good, and I want you to know I appreciate you.” — Nancy Oelklaus, Ed.D.
  • “I believe in you because I have seen your product. Your publishing house is a truly unique imprint that makes a difference.” — Sam Vaknin, PhD, Author of Narcissism Revisited
  • “My books are very important to me, as they are the avenue for me to get my present and eventual work to the public. You are such a big part of this…I can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you for believing in this work.” –Jules Kennedy
  • “I want to say thank you for your perspective on this material. I think its a very effective combination or rounding out of perspectives – your computer/logical/knowledge of publishing and metaphysical eyes, then eventually Bob Rich’s psychological perspective, along with my practical knowlege and application. I think it’s a winning formula.” –Charles Lawrence Allen, author of Why Good People Make Bad Choices
  • “What a gift of expression you have! I wouldn’t touch it with a 6′ poll, it is so right on! You have extracted the sum and substance of my utterances brilliantly.” –David W. Powell, author of My Tour In Hell: A Marine’s Battle with Combat Trauma
  • “Received the books today, they are really lovely. I am so impressed with the editing and the changes that you have made. It looks like a book asking to be read! Thank you for such a polished, professional result.” — Lynda Bevan
  • “Thanks for believing!!!” — Rick Ritter, MSW
  • “You’re proving to be a very efficient man, and a writer of any kind couldn’t ask for a better representative/editor.” — Don Bodey
  • “Victor, I am overwhelmed by seeing this book in final form. In the beginning, I had no idea that a book could be transformed so beautifully and professionally. When I look at it today, I nearly buckled.” — Heyward Bruce Ewart, III, PhD
  • “But before I write or do anything else, I would like to thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to turn this book around, and, for allowing me to make this book a masterpiece. I am beholden to you. Thank you very much for your kindness. It is deeply felt!” — Karen Lynn
  • “Speaking of brilliant, I think your ideas are fantastic. I also think it might be exactly the kick in the ass that I need. Your suggestion of the prequel loosens something so lodged in a kind of writer’s block it makes me take a deep, fresh breath, gives me hope and some sort of inspiration.” -Don Bodey
  • “Victor, you must be an angel. Thank you. I wouldn’t have gone to the well without your prompting.” — Nancy Oelklaus
  • “Victor you did a wonderful job pushing me, especially when I did not want to be pushed!” — Lisa H. Farber-Silk
  • “Thanks Victor, I absolutely love the cover!” — Tami Brady (three-time author with LHP).
  • “Victor, I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying working with you. Communicating with you is easy. I always feel heard, respected, and acknowledged. I feel very blessed to be a partner with you in manifesting Sacred Grief. Thank you for the difference you make in my life! I hope that this book and our work together brings you joy, satisfaction, and prosperity!” — Leslee Tessmann
  • “The books just came. I really love it! I especially liked the little photo that you duplicated at the beginning of each chapter that matches the cover. Really nice job – thank you so much.” — Karen H. Sherman, PhD
  • “You such do help with the promoting and marketing–I really appreciate all that you do Victor……… Barbara K. Sinor, author of six books including Tales of Addiction
  • Now, on my calendar–for today–I had made a note back in February to call local Barnes and Noble stores and ask them to buy some copies. So I said to Sarah, “I’ll be calling local bookstores this afternoon, and I’ll let you know.” In 6 out of the 8 stores I called, the buyer was there and eager to order a few books. — Nancy Oelklaus
  • “You are so totally like my favorite awesome publisher!” –Anya
  • “You are great…….what a publisher…I couldn’t have asked for a better experience….” — David K. Banner, PhD
  • “You are such a great advocate and the best publisher in the world” — Marjorie McKinnon
  • “I genuinely appreciate your efforts and dedication to veterans’ issues and the opportunity you have given so many of us to particpate in your project which allows us to “own” our past and aid in our healing. A thousand thank you’s, Victor.” Rich Raitano
  • “Dear Victor, we should congratulate ourselves on a well-done job! You are magnificent!” — Sandra Ceren
  • “I must say I am really sooo pleased — thank you soo much for offering me the opportunity to have it published!” –Karen Sherman, PhD
  • “I do not think you could have done a better job on this cover. I really like the white and it is so kid friendly. I can’t wait to start really diving into promoting it.” — Robin Marvel
  • “Thank you for always getting right back to me. It is so cool to have a publisher that cares about his writers! I received the books today and they look awesome. Thanks so much for the hard work! ” — Jay Tucker
  • “Victor, You’re indefatigable! Thanks much.” — Richard Levine
  • “This is just the beginning of many great and positive changes to come!! I know I have said it before but I will say it again, thank you for everything” — Robin Marvel
  • “The books arrived yesterday and they look very impressive. You are right. Folks at my office were ga-ga over it and some did not want to wait till the 3rd to order it. I had to talk them out of it.” — Shaila Abdullah
  • “Victor, you’re an artistic genius. I love it! Thank you for what you’re doing to bring this work to life.” — Nancy Oelkaus (Alphabet Meditations for Teachers)
  • “In early 2006, I had an agent and encouraged by the success of the collection, I started working on my novel Saffron Dream and received a grant from Hobson Foundation for that work. My agent and I parted ways a year later because we had very different vision for my future. It was then that I decided to approach small publishers with my novel. When Victor Volkman of Modern History Press offered to publish it, I gladly accepted the offer. The publisher is known to get behind his authors 100% and actively participate in making their books successful. Volkman is very inclusive, listens well to his author’s suggestions, and responds to their needs in a timely manner. He is also great with ideas on marketing and book promotion. With him, there is no waiting for the phone to ring. If you have a question, you can bet that it will be answered at once. I didn’t have to do much arm-twisting to design the book cover for Saffron Dreams. Again, I actively participated in the marketing of the book and designed all the marketing materials, including the website for the new book.” — Shaila Abudllah, on Publishing Secrets of Authors
  • “Victor, the books are here, and they are gorgeous. Thank you for a fabulous layout. You’re awesome.”– Nancy Oelkaus (Alphabet Meditations for Teachers)
  • ” I would definitely pick this book up … you did a great job. I’m proud to have my name on it.” — Sherry Mayo Jones (Confessions of a Trauma Junkie)
  • “You are the best, you know. Timely, prompt and always accommodating.” — Shaila Abdullah (Saffron Dreams)
  • “I also want to make sure to tell you that I am so thankful for you believing in me with my books. You have made it possible for me to spend my time doing what I love and for that I am forever grateful~ i promise to work hard and make you proud:)” — Robin Marvel
  • “Thank you, Victor, my copies arrived today. Surprisingly, I have very similar emotions as to when my sons were born. (Yes, I cried, I’m not afraid to admit.)” — W.E. Krill
  • “Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job on our story. You have no idea how much this means to me and to all of us.  You and I have discussed a couple of times how I would love to have most of, if not all, of my stuff through LHP as you guys truly understand and respect our work. I think I will turn down the offer from the other place.” — Chynna T. Laird
  • “I really want to thank you for believing in me right from the start. Your belief gave me a lot of confidence. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.” -Jewel.
  • “I just went to our mailbox and received the book! Wow – it looks wonderful!!!! I am so very pleased! I love the front and back covers (the colors are just perfect) and I really like how you did the chapter headings with the leaf by each one. That looks so classy! I had never really thought about the size and feel of the book, but I really like how it is usable and flexible (and lends itself to the “workbook concept”). Victor, I thank you with every fiber of my being for taking on this project, for believing in its purpose, and for producing a quality piece of work. You, and the staff at Loving Healing Press, are clearly an example of integrity in its purest sense. With an appreciative heart and a joy-filled spirit,” — Holli Kenley
  • “Thank you for your stellar and compelling review on Amazon. This is greatly appreciated. You are a great role model of what publishers should be and should do and all your authors thank you!” –Diana M. Raab
  • “I got my books! They are absolutely beautiful. My mom and sister started crying with happiness, and took me out to lunch to celebrate. I got flowers and everything! You did a fantastic job with the layout, picture quality, cover design, etc. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for all your hard work. You rock!
    Signed a very happy author”
    –Jewel Kats, author of nine books including Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair.
  • “You [and Ernest] are the best:-) Thank you. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this lovely press” —Sweta Vikram
  • “It was great to see and hold in my hands the fruits of my labor from the last five years. I love the cover! The colors and design are perfect! Thanks so much for getting them to me before the holidays. Thank you for your gentlemanly and professional demeanor throughout the entire process of developing my book. You were always my advocate!”  –Susie Dunham, author of Beyond Schizophrenia
  • “You worked so hard getting this right. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have had these opportunities to work with you, and I deeply appreciate all of your guidance and patience along the way!”   — Elizabeth Agresta, illustrator for I’m Mixed and other books
  • I received a box of twenty soft cover books yesterday. They are beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement and support and a wonderful crew.   — Barb Torke, illustrator of Ice Breaking
  • Thank you for the revised copy of the book “The Pulse of Life”. Last night it reached me. Tomorrow I am leaving to my native town in India. After reaching my place I will inform you. I thank you again from the core of my heart for kindly publishing the book and generously sending sufficient number of copies to me. Please inform me if any reviews appear.  With best regards, TVReddy, India.
  • As you have seen, I received the copies of Lake Superior Tales. Having them in hand is always different than seeing them online as a digital image. My wife’s first comment when she saw it was, “this is beautiful.” I’m very happy with the look of this. The cover is provocative and I’m hoping it will help sell the book. All I can say is great job. — Mikel B. Classen, author Lake Superior Tales and editor of U.P. Reader
  • “Victor, I thank you for the difference you make in my life, and in the lives of all the people who read ALL the books that you publish!” — Lesslee Tessman, author Sacred Grief
  • “You have the official title as the best publisher ever!! Thanks for all you do.” — Robin Marvel
  • “I am only guessing you don’t hear this enough. Thank you so much for everything you are doing to make Lucky G a smashing success. I know I am not your only client by far. I appreciate your kind words, prompt assistance and your ability to repeat information without frustration. Well, at least it doesn’t show. This is a big undertaking and I will do all I can to make this book soar. Again with all of my heart, thank you”  — Amy W.L.

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