Submission Criteria

Scoring criteria for Author Submissions to Loving Healing Press

  1. Readability
    • Logical progression of thought (i.e. order)
    • Clear English (i.e. usage, syntax, etc.)
    • Sentence structure (abrupt sentences, run-ons etc.)
    • Terms clearly defined before used
  2. Well-written and Interesting
    • Does it have depth? (are there just one or two points or does it really explore an area)
    • Artistry (does the text pull you along or must you drag yourself through it?)
    • Does it have a discernible theme? (or does it wander around and lead nowhere)
  3. Positive or Inspirational message
    • Empowering message to readers (would this give you courage or access to something?)
    • Extra points for exercises and things to do in real life
    • Is it universal (or is it a personal epiphany that might or might not apply to anyone else?)
    • Self-help titles must be person-centered and require belief in only a limited amount of dogma

After scoring these criteria, we will make a final recommendation of (A) reject, (B) rewrite to handle specific problems, or (C) a contract offer will be made.

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