Emma Lou the Yorkie Poo

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UPC: 978-1-61599-456-4
Brand: Loving Healing Press
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Author: Kim Larkins
Pages: 32

Meet Emma Lou, the Yorkie Poo - a little dog with big worries. She loves playing with her best friend, Pearl, but Pearl doesn’t always pay attention to Emma Lou’s worries. With the help of some new friends, Caleb the Calico cat, Patrick the pig and Gigi the ginormous giraffe, Emma Lou and Pearl begin to learn a new technique to calm their minds and bodies. Parents, educators, counselors - and especially children - can benefit from Emma Lou and her friends’ curious adventure to a mindful experience.

Readers will:

  • Learn how to help a child that worries
  • Teach children a simple technique to practice mindfulness
  • Support your child’s emotional growth through experiencing a delightful adventure

“Emma Lou the Yorkie Poo: Breathing in the Calm is a playful approach to real concerns that kids have on a daily basis. Kim uses relatable animal characters to bring to light concerns that impact children everywhere - along with a great strategy to help!”
-- Marie Robinson, M.Ed., principal, pre-K to 12

“For over 20 years, I have noted our children experiencing increasing levels of joy-blocking anxiety. In this whimsical and engaging story, Kim has created a very useful therapeutic tool. She captured the essence of a hopeful way out that children can readily identify with and rapidly incorporate, just like Emma Lou did!”
-- John Pasquarelli, LCSW, LADC

"Kim is a warm, kind and compassionate social worker dedicated to improving the lives of others. Her book is an easy read for children to learn about managing anxiety and contains techniques that can be applied right away.”
-- Gwen M. Ackley, LCSW

“With excessive exposure to flashing changing screens, children are having a hard time settling their brains. Their thinking is fragmented and their focus is fractured. In Emma Lou the Yorkie Poo: Breathing In The Calm, Kim Larkins cleverly and creatively invites children into an animal-friendly storyline of learning how to calm themselves. Although Larkins addresses worry, Emma Lou is a valuable tool for releasing stress throughout the nervous system, induced from screen stimulation.”
-- Holli Kenley, author of Power Down & Parent Up

From Loving Healing Press

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