Vanished: A Dr. Cory Cohen Psychological Thriller

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A young artist awakes one morning alone in an empty house, with no memory of her identity or location. Puzzled and terrified, she
finds Dr. Cory's business card in a purse. While the psychologist/sleuth tries to help the artist revive her memory, Cory's neighbor
Rita goes missing. Uncovering Rita's real identity, Cory's detection abilities spring into action to confront a menace that haunts
their neighborhood.

Written by a longtime psychologist, this fourth volume in the Dr. Cory Cohen mystery series, set on the San Diego coast,
offers a genuine portrayal of a psychologist's professional life combined with the thrill and intrigue of a mystery.

Praise for the Dr. Cory Cohen Mystery Series

"Her years as a psychologist have earned Ceren a look at the darkness of the psyche and human behavior. Psychologist/sleuth
Cory Cohen is both compassionate and tough. A strong, heartfelt work from a writer we will be hearing a lot more about."

--T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar-winning author

"Another exciting, engrossing psychological thriller from a favorite author. The well-defined characters and intrigue create a
compelling page-turner to the very end."

--Holly A. Hunt, PhD, psychologist, author, speaker

"...a good, fun thriller that packs in a whole lot of themes, in a way that doesn't clash. While being entertained, the reader
is likely to get some education on the professional life of a psychologist and the effect of trauma on victims."

Bob Rich, PhD, psychologist and author

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