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Loving Healing Press (LHP) publishes work that promotes self-healing, liberation and empowerment. By writing empowering and helpful books, many of its authors make a difference in the lives of readers.

Diana Raab (MFA, PhD) is a prominent LHP author who has inspired and motivated thousands and thousands of readers and writers via her writings, poetry and workshops. She is an award-winning writer and practical educator who helps her audience by teaching memoir writing and writing as therapy. She teaches two courses on DailyOM, Write. Heal. Transform: A Magical Memoir Writing Course and Therapeutic Writing, which are the site’s top two writing courses. In recent months, Raab’s online course in memoir writing has been ranked #1 of all DailyOM courses.

Diana Raab, author of Writing For Bliss series

More than 12,000 people have enrolled in Raab’s online courses. Write Heal Transform. As the course title implies, it serves as a hands-on guide to healing and transformation through writing one’s own memoir. The eight-week course consists of eight lessons (one lesson per week) that teach the basics of memoir writing and the ways in which this type of writing cultivates self-awareness and using one’s voice to speak one’s truth. In short, Diana Raab’s course helps wounded healers become storytellers. Her new course, Therapeutic Writing, is an empowering ten-day course guiding and supporting participants in using writing as a therapeutic tool to individual self-exploration.

A unique feature of DailyOM courses is that the price is not fixed, and those interested in taking them can pay what they can afford, starting from as low as $15 up to $50; the same material is available to those taking the course – regardless of what payment option they choose. The course page reads:

We simply trust that people are honest and will support the author of the course with whatever they can afford. And if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

When asked about the most important takeaways from her courses, Raab said, “There are a few salient points that I emphasize in all my workshops, whether it’s memoir writing or writing for healing, and whether it’s an in-person or an online course. First, writing is a process.  Second, it’s important to enjoy the process or journey without focusing on the destination (possible publication), because this can detract from the creative aspect. Third, it’s important to write without fear. Writing our personal stories can be scary and daunting. It’s important to drop the fear and just write. As my first writing mentor told me, “Let it rip.”

Readers can learn more about Diana Raab and her work via www.dianaraab.com.

Made in America, Sold in the Nam: A Continuing Legacy of Pain

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UPC: 978-1-61599-049-8
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Hope and Healing For All Who Have Been Touched by War

For Viet Nam Vets: an opportunity to verify their experiences
against experiences of others leading to validation and perhaps
even an airing of their suspicions and fears about themselves. No
matter how long it has been, healing is possible.

For Families of the KIA: peace and understanding about the experiences
of their loved one and if they have letters from their loved
ones, perhaps a way to fill in what could never be spoken.

For Adult Children and Spouses of Vets: empathy for their war
experience, in spite of whether or not there has been communication
about how it really went down.

For Vets of Recent Conflicts: a shortcut to understanding the
overall experience of war and how one copes with its indelible
marks. Discover the commonality of those who have endured their
time as warriors.

For Society and Generations to come:

  • Learn what really happens during a modern military conflict.
  • A plea for wisdom in how we deal with other peoples on Earth.
  • A chance to break the cycle of doing the same things and hoping
    for magically different outcomes.

    "That there is conflict and confusion over how we are to view the
    Viet Nam War and how we are to feel about those who sacrificed for
    this effort, makes this book all the more important. These pieces give
    the average person insight into what really happened to those that
    served and what they thought that they were trying to accomplish.
    There is some personal truth, buried emotion, and a few heroes in
    their own right."

    --Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

    Book #2 in the Reflections of History series from Modern History Press www.ModernHistoryPRess.com

    Author page www.RickRitter.com

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