Robin Marvel interviewed on The Bamboo Lab podcast

Robin Marvel

Robin Marvel

This episode on “Healing Childhood Trauma” was previously recorded on November 29th of this year.

However, I decided to hold its release until the right time. Because so many people face their darkest demons this time of year, now is the perfect time to hear Robin’s story, journey, wisdom, and breakthroughs!

Thank you, Robin, for being so damn vulnerable and strong.  You are changing the world, my friend!

And thank you, Bamboo Pack! Without you, this podcast is nothing!

Your Host,

The Healing Power of Running

A Guide to Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit
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Product Details
UPC: 978-1-61599-796-1
Brand: Loving Healing Press
Binding: Paperback
Audiobook: Audible, iTunes
Edition: 1st
Author: Jennifer Bonn
Pages: 92
Publication Date: 02/01/2024

In her book, The Healing Power of Running, Jennifer Bonn describes how running saved her mentally, physically and spiritually, and she has put together stories of other runners as a testament to how running heals. Jennifer also wants readers to realize how accessible running is, and that everyone can adjust it to fit different goals and needs. Running can make you feel powerful, peaceful and hopeful, and the running community makes everyone feel accepted. The book also includes instructions on how to start a healing journey through running.

"The Healing Power of Running is a book of realistic and actual events that can occur in anyone's life at any given point. It explains ways that running has helped others strive and be successful in healing, whether it is physically or mentally. I found myself laughing, crying and thinking, "Hmm... I need to do this!" It's empow¬ering and makes you want to RUN like there is no tomorrow. The best part is it makes you want to create a bond with strangers, who become family. Read the book, and you, too, will want to heal by running." -- Kim Turner, Aircraft mechanic III-gen-mods

"Jennifer Bonn writes an extremely helpful, energetic and therapeutic book on the challenges and rewards of running. The stories and examples, shared by the runners - with perfect notes about their journeys - will help both beginners and seasoned runners; Bonn's own running experiences alone are worth the read. She finds easy ways to explain how running can become addictive and life-changing. I'll become a healthier person, and possibly a better runner, just by reading it. The tips, guidance and instructions are what most of us could use in life, and it can be applied anywhere." -- Hal Cottingham, Director of operations, Global Technology Services

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