New Book Offers 101 Tips for Better Sleep

To millions of people struggling to find restful sleep, the Loving Healing Press brings a quick solution by health and self-help author Alan E. Smith in his new book 101 Tips for Better And More Healthy Sleep published in January 2023.

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What’s In 101 Tips for Better And More Healthy Sleep

Smith’s 101 Tips for Better And More Healthy Sleep is a short yet immensely informative work which, as the title tells, offers 101 tips for normalizing one’s sleep for better overall health. The book assures that whatever your sleep situation, you will probably find something here that can help you sleep better and longer. Each tip educates the reader on one particular factor that affects normal sleep and points to a solution to resolve that issue or suggests a helpful resource.

The Inspiration

As someone who personally benefited from alternative therapies and healthy lifestyle techniques, Smith tells on his website that he drew his inspiration from Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles. Understanding Lipton’s work gave him the answer to his big question about the scientific explanation of health problems and solutions: scientific evidence that the energy of thoughts and feelings could directly influence the function of cells.

Sleep Solutions

In a world where millions take potentially addictive sleeping pills for fulfilling one’s daily natural need, Alan Smith has a note of caution to share with his readers. He shares the view of many doctors that it’s a short-term solution.

“It’s a very real danger and one that your doctor needs to monitor,” he says about the risks associated with sleeping pills. “They can be helpful to deal with a short-term crisis in your life but there are probably safer alternatives.”

Alan Smith’s Writing

Smith chose to write a short book by following his journalistic style of sharing information:

“As a former journalist I guess I’m just used to writing in a clean, to-the-point and easy-to-understand style. It helps readers find answers to their sleep problems more quickly.”

Alan Smith has previously written the award-winning book UnBreak Your Health. Featuring over 300+ therapies in more than 138 different categories, testimonials, and some of the most interesting recent scientific developments, it marked the place to begin a journey of healing with his growing circle of readers benefiting from his complementary and alternative therapies.

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