Katana Gets a Family: Lessons of a Labradoodle by Ashley Christine and Maggy Williams

Katana Gets a Family: Lessons of a Labradoodle by Ashley Christine and Maggy Williams
Katana longs for a family–people she can love who will love her back and teach her new and interesting things. Unfortunately, the first family to take Katana home brings her back to the shelter, where she feels lonely and abandoned. Then, Katana meets Ashley and Jacky! They teach Katana many lessons, and Katana reciprocates, teaching them many lessons in return.

“Leap into the loving world of Katana Gets a Family, where tails wag and hearts connect. Children and parents alike will discover the timeless values of compassion, caring, patience and acceptance. A charming read that’s sure to become a bedtime favorite!” –Abby Pete, author of the Harvey the Hippo series

Katana Gets a Family is a creative way to share the story of a family’s unconditional love. Children questioning whether they are accepted, or who are yearning for unconditional love, can relate to Katana and feel connected to her. It is truly a masterpiece with a great social-emotional lesson.” –Jennifer Letvinchuk, MSEdL., educator and mom

“It is challenging to teach children about acceptance and mistakes. Katana Gets a Family is a gentle and loving story that serves as the perfect tool to explore these important social-emotional topics with children in school and home alike.” –Verónica Alvarado-Frías, M.Ed., educator, mom, and early intervention specialist

Katana Gets a Family highlights the difference between someone’s behavior and their worth. This is an important lesson for young children who often aren’t in control of their behavior, but it is an equally important reminder for parents -the ones responding to behaviors.” –Jillian Best Adler, MS Child Development

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