Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families of Addicts

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Finally a treatment approach that embraces the whole family!

In one sense, alcoholics and drug addicts are the fortunate ones. They have to learn a new
way to live or risk death, incarceration, and loss of everything they hold dear.

But what about the other members of their family? Because so many of them believe that the
addict is the problem, they do nothing about their own habits of mind and heart--and continue
to live in resentment, anger, and fear, feeding their own stress level and shortening their lives in a
way that's very different from the addict--yet, on another level, remarkably similar.

Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Families of Addicts contains information,
explanation, and processes for change. Following the steps outlined in this book brings peace of
mind, forgiveness, reconciliation, and the ability--truly--to live happily ever after.

About the Authors

Nancy Oelklaus, Ed. D. has more than 30 years in education, specializing in curriculum development, professional
development, and leadership development. First and foremost, she is a teacher. She's also an author, coach,
speaker, and workshop leader.

Irene Watson, MA brings over 40 years of life changing experiences and study into her hands-on retreats and
workshops. Her background includes psychosynthesis therapy and entrepreneurship. Irene's vision is to inspire others to find their authentic self.

Liliane Desjardins, LCAS loves helping people to do better. With 32 years of clinical experience, she understands and appreciates the beauty, resilience, resourcefulness and deep intelligence of
human spirit.

Acclaim for Rewriting Life Scripts

"Rewriting Life Scripts is a must read for everybody in a family that lives with
addiction. A lot has been written about and for people who are addicted. But this book is
for the family. And it's good. Their advice is very straightforward and practical and their description of the family disease is a very real picture of the
kind of reactions family members develop when they live with someone who is addicted."

--Tony Mandarich, former NFL player, author of My Dirty Little Secrets: Steroids, Alcohol, and God

"Rewriting Life Scripts is an invaluable roadmap for anyone navigating the difficult journey through the family disease
of alcoholism, with stories of success from real people who have 'been there, done that' and are
willing to share their experience, strength and hope. Addiction doesn't discriminate and neither
should recovery -- recovery for the family too."

--William C. Moyers, author of Broken and

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