The Gentling Workbook for Teen and Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

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Gentling is a therapeutic approach to people who have experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as children and have acquired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result. Gentling has redefined PTSD in child abuse survivors by identifying child-specific behavioral signs commonly seen, and offers a means to individualize treatment and measure therapeutic outcomes through understanding each suffering individual's unique symptom profile. The practical and easily understood Gentling approaches and techniques can be learned by clinicians, spouses, and adolescent and adult survivors of child abuse and all other caregivers in relationship to survivors. The approach can effect real and lasting healing. With the Gentling Workbook, you will:
  • Learn how to gently explore and process your abuse history, at your own pace and comfort level
  • Gain the practical, and effective treatment tools that really help to reduce PTSD discomforts
  • Learn how to manage the often intense reactivity seen in stress episodes
  • Use the Stress Profile to understand your own unique symptom profile and to guide your healing process

    Praise for Krill's Gentling model

    "William Krill reminds us that 'gentleness is free', but the methodology and philosophy he puts into designing a protocol for treating stress disordered children is priceless. In this world where children are often disenfranchised in trauma care--and all too often treated with the same techniques as adults--Krill makes a compelling case for how to adapt proven post-trauma treatment to the world of a child."

    --Michele Rosenthal,

    "William Krill's approach to treating PTSD in abused children employs a common sense oriented treatment that will not only help the child but will direct the clinician through the 'where do I go next?' question. This book is so needed in the world of PTSD and provides step-by-step understanding and treatment of the battered child."

    --Marjorie McKinnon, Author of Repair for Kids: A Children's Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse

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    From the New Horizons in Therapy Series

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