New Edition of ‘AIDS Orphans Rising’ Released by Loving Healing Press

By Ernest Dempsey, August 14, 2018

Loving Healing Press has announced the publication of the second edition of AIDS Orphans Rising by Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd.

Like the first edition, published in 2008, the second AIDS Orphans Rising book also includes educational material on the topic of AIDS orphans-children who lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and now are on their own, facing the question of survival. The book also offers solutions to this crisis and appeals to people’s kindness for playing their part in the cause of helping the AIDS orphans meet their basic living needs.

The author, Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, is part of the Religious Teachers Filippini organization that helps children suffering from poverty and provides them with basic living resources like food, education, and health. So how have things changed for AIDS orphans in Africa since her first AIDS Orphans Rising book was published 10 years ago?

Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd on AIDS Orphans Crisis

We are now seeing the next generation of AIDS orphans. Naïvely, I guess I thought that these children, having grown up suffering from this awfulness, would not fall into it themselves. Yet thousands of these orphans who are now adult parents are dying and leaving behind their own orphan children. Despite increased government spending, and an increase in education and charitable groups that help the orphans, there is still a Child-Headed Household formed every 15 seconds. That means that children, usually very young and by the thousands, are being left alone to fend for themselves.

My hope is that those reading the book, or even rereading the book, may come to understand not just what these children are up against, but how these children can succeed; and, how you, the normal everyday person, can make a difference in their lives.

Publisher Victor Volkman on the New Edition of the Book

The updates to AIDS Orphans Rising provide more detail about the lives of individual orphans, their challenges, and their ability to rise above them. Many orphans have become self-made entrepreneurs, whether sewing covers for cellphones, farming chickens for meat and eggs, preparing and catering food, and so on. Additionally, we highlight innovative ways that ordinary people can make a difference in the lives of the orphans, such as a group of women in Charleston, South Carolina, who loved to sew, but didn’t know how to help the orphans. Since they organized, thousands of their dresses have been sent to orphans in Ethiopia, Eritrea, India Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Houston! Did I mention all of these women are 75 years old and up?

More about the book and the work for AIDS orphans is online at

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