New Book Offers Inspirational Journey through Post-Accident Pain and Recovery

By Ernest Dempsey, September 20, 2018

Loving Healing Press has announced the publication of Inspirational Musings by Barbara Sinor, PhD

Inspirational Musings: Insights through Healing is a new title by Barbara Sinor, PhD, sharing her inner journey through personal thoughts and emotions during her recovery in a rehabilitation facility.

Published by the Loving Healing Press, Dr. Sinor’s new book started as a written expression of inner thoughts and feelings experienced during her one-month long recovery in a rehab from a fractured hip in winter of 2018. But as this became a writing journey and filled pages with soul-searching lines, she knew it was going to be a book on recovery and self-awareness.

“My musings and insights arrived daily to help me adjust to my new environment and kept me from forming negative thoughts of depression or giving up that can take over when one is confined,” the author writes in the introduction to the book.

It took Dr. Sinor six months after her hip surgery to recover fully from the physical and emotional trauma and a fall confining her to a rehab facility ended up bringing a rise in personal empowerment and self-discovery. As she puts it in her book, complete stillness can bring an inner awareness to cleanse the mirror of doubt.

“This book is for all those souls going through any type of healing from an injury or surgery, addiction recovery, or an event or emotional trauma to gain self-knowledge, insight, and strength on their own personal journey through life,” says Barbara Sinor.

Read more about Barbara Sinor, PhD and her work at her website

Inspirational Musings is immediately available in paperback, hardcover, eBook, and audiobook formats at Amazon, Audible, and other online content retailers.


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