Fran Lewis reviews “And You Can Love Me!”

The cover of the book "And You Can Love Me"

And You Can Love Me

Ethan would like to share his story with everyone. He’s autistic and cannot verbalize his feelings but he can use physical expressions to help get his messages across to everyone. He’s smart and has a great personality and uses hand movements, bouncing balls and other objects to convey his feelings and emotions.

The illustrations help to understand his emotions and when you look into his eyes you can feel and understand what’s in his heart. He’s in the world of Ethan. The me that he is welcomes the best of his hands, the rhythm of his hands and hitting the floor and the table. What another bounce of his ball. Told in the first person so you hear and feel his thoughts and understand his way of processing information.
He explains what he needs to do to be Ethan: his mother holds him tight while his father holds him in flight and grandma catch him if you can. Enter Ethan’s world and check out the illustrations on the many pages showing him with his grandma , and how he uses his hand to tell he’s hungry or he wants to feel free. There are many ways you can understand as the author through Ethan explains about the medicine that helps him, how he jumps on a trampoline or swings on a swing. What other things help him from morning moon? Reading what follows and understand the significance the balls in his world . Colors,movements, he’s Ethan and you the reader Can love him and you will when you learn more entering his world.
The author includes information about autism and Ethan has nonverbal autism.  This is a great resource for parents and children to understand more about ASD. The illustrations created by Teagan “Trif”Merrifield brings Ethan to life and author Sherry Quan Lee helps readers hear his words. The special letter designs were created by Kyra Gaylor.  And you can love me! Everyone will fall in love with Ethan and understand how special he is .
I’m dedicating this review to my nephew Christopher who is autistic and has proven to the world that he is someone that is smart and loved by everyone.

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