Fran Lewis reviews “Celia and the Glue Man”

Celia and the Glue Man

Celia and the Glue Man

What I would give for a cupcake or ice cream! That’s not in my dietary stars. Celia has her own forbidden foods and that too includes bread, rolls and all types of delicious cakes. The hardest part is going to school and watching the other kids eat their treats while you have a special lunch packed gluten free. Celia does not like the Glue Man and wishes her father would help make him disappear. There is something in the lining of her stomach that causes her not to be able to eat anything with gluten. It’s called celiac and it’s no fun.

But Celia, like all children, decided to give it a shot hoping the Glue-Man would not show up thinking it’s a birthday party and why not have two delicious cupcakes. So Celia gave it a try, and boy was she surprised when she was doubled over in pain and her stomach felt like it was on fire. The pain sent her to the nurse and her mother was called and poor Celia had to stay in bed for three days. But will she learn her lesson. Author Maggy Williams uses her own real life experience with celiac to teach valuable lessons to everyone. When parents or teachers are going to bring treats to a school they need to address the fact that some children have gluten, dairy and peanut allergies. Teachers and school nurses need to have this on file.
Of course like all children I had to have ice cream to celebrate a birthday and Celia know exactly how you felt. It hurt so much that I want to send my stomach on a vacation somewhere and not allow it to return until it cooperated and got rid of my pain. I learned that the hard way too.
Celia went back to school and something wonderful happened she made a friend. Skippy has three allergies and that really made Skippy sad but Celia and Skippy realized something special and if you want to know what it is that is special join them for lunch and find out.
Celia and Skippy learn valuable lessons as other children will too and of course adults. The lessons learned are many and if you are not supposed to eat gluten then why not try gluten free and stay pain free! I eat dairy free cupcakes that are great and non dairy whipped cream so smile and know that there are treats that you can enjoy and you’ll skip the doctor as a reward for not eating the wrong food. The illustrations are priceless as you can see the expressions on the children’s faces and the kindness of her classmates when she returns to school. So once again author Maggy Williams thank you for sharing your stories with all of us.
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