Fran Lewis reviews “We’re All Not the Same, But We’re Still Family”

Cover of We're All Not the Same, but We're Still Family

We’re All Not the Same, but We’re Still Family

Children often go through many unfortunate changes in their young lives. Foster care is something that needs to be more carefully monitored and protecting the lives of these innocent children paramount. What happens when a young child’s parents can’t get along and the mother takes the youngest for a short time? What happens when that child is placed in foster care? Will they love and nurture this person?

DeShaun is special and his foster parents rare as they embraced him, took care of him and adopted him as their own. As you look at the photos you can feel the love. But, like most children they want to understand why they were sent to live with other parents and their family. DeShaun wants to find his biological father and he has to find a way to talk about it with his birth parents. Wanting to know who he looks like and about him might be the same . His mother did find him and they talked on Skype. Excited and wondering what he’s like they talked for about half an hour and he learned that he had brother and sister and grandparents that were on the call too.

His parents were amazing and you won’t believe what they arranged? How will he react when he meets them in person? What questions will he ask? Why did he not keep him? Did he know he was adopted and much more sparked him mind.

The illustrations are priceless and the warm welcome precious as the grandmother gave him a huge hug. What about his sister and brother?

Can you stand on one leg for a long time? Find out who can. Questions are often hard to ask and the answers might be difficult to handle . Deshaun comes right out and wants to know why he was adopted and why his his birth mother couldn’t look after all of her children. The explanation is on page 32 for everyone to understand. This book is really great for children who were adopted and those in foster care to understand why they were chosen for this path in life. What happens after the visit? What do his friends think about Deshaun having two families? What about his birth mother and how are his siblings dealing with her not being there? Just how does he feel at the end you will have to learn for yourself when you take the journeys with Deshaun.

This book is for adoptive parents and children to explore as the summary states the importance of adoption openness. Deshaun loves his parents but needs and wants to understand why he was given up by his birth parents. Families include biological, adopted and foster plus kin members and each one okays a vital role in everyone’s lives. This is a great book for parents of foster and adopted children to use as a basis for open discussions. Foster care needs to be monitored better and the social worker linked to the case vigilant and caring making sure the children are protected, properly cared for and loved. Questions asked and discussed: how does the child feel about being adopted? What does that mean? Will the child feel more secure? Talk about family dynamics how they are the same and different. Theresa snd Eric Fraser hit on the topic of openness in detail which will help older children in the long run plus it helps foster extended family unity. The authors include information for parents and caregivers. Remember as Deshaun will tell you what’s important: we’re all not the same but we’re still family. Fantastic book filled with beautiful illustrations that help make the story come to life and possibly have Deshaun and his family come back again to see how they bond in different ways in the future.

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