Theresa Fraser receives Outstanding Children’s Book Award

We are happy to announce that Theresa Fraser’s latest book We’re All Not the Same, But We’re Still Family has won the Outstanding Children’s Book Dealing with Important Issue. This award is given by Fran Lewis, who reviews more than 100 books per year.

Miss Popular Steals the Show: Girls in Wheelchairs Rule!

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How far will Bix go to be popular?

A delightful and humorous diary account from "Bix," a plain Jane from a struggling family trying to outdo and steal the third-grade
classroom stage from Valerie, whose mother is a famous author. Miss Popular may be a wheelchair-user, but she knows how to charm the
classroom, and her pink bejeweled wheelchair rules. In a pique of frustration, Bix resorts to lies to steal the limelight from Miss Popular.
She also announces that she will be having a puppy shower, and everyone except Miss Popular is invited. Can Bix pull it off?

Readers will:
  • Learn the importance of honesty
  • Discover that being loved and being popular are not the same thing
  • Find out how even a small act of kindness pays big dividends
  • Learn how to rise above circumstances to be a better person

    "Jewel Kats does it again! She has the ability to shine a light on disabilities with characters that empower and inspire! And she does it in way that entertains thoroughly! Her optimism and sense of fun explode on every page!"

    --Dan Parent, Archie Comics

    "Miss Popular is a testament to young girls everywhere: guiding them through the issues of popularity, honesty and the fun of life! Jewel Kats has created a character that I would have loved to be my friend when I was a third-grader! Spectacular in every way!"

    --Robin Marvel, author of Awakening Consciousness: A Girl's Guide!

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    Juvenile Fiction : Social Issues - Special Needs
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