Beck Valley Books reviews “We’re Not All the Same, But We’re Family”

Sharon Martin, of Beck Valley Books writes:

We’re All Not the Same, But We’re Still Family: An Adoption and Birth Family Story is an excellent story which depicts the story of Deshaun and how he has a lot of questions about being adopted. Why was he given up for adoption? Who are his real parents? How will he cope when he meets or locate his real parents?

With the support of his adopted parents Deshaun goes on a discovery to find his real dad and once they find him it tells the story of how the relationship is rebuilt, the fears Deshaun has and the positive reassurance he receives from his adopted parents.

The drawings and easy to read narrative explains what every adopted person will feel at some point in their life in searching for their true identity. The story ends on a high note with Deshaun not only finding his dad but also finds he has an extended family who readily accept him. 

A well written book for a personal point of view which will help others understand adoption and the search to find out about their heritage

Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey

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What would you do if your child suffered with something so severe it affected every aspect of his life?

Susie Dunham, Midwestern mom and former nurse, never suspected her son Michael
was anything but a typical college student with big dreams until he developed schizophrenia
shortly after his 21st birthday. The Dunham family quickly becomes immersed
in the nightmare world of mental illness in America: psychiatric wards, a seemingly indifferent
nursing staff, and the trial-and-error world of psychotropic meds. Michael's ultimate
recovery and remission comes with plenty of traumatic incidents involving both
ignorance and stigma, but his courage and quest for dignity will inspire all readers.

"Susie Dunham's heroic, heart-rending story is a beacon of light in the darkness of insanity.
It shows that recovery is hard-won but possible for people who develop schizophrenia,
despite a media that sensationalizes them, a society that shuns them, and a
dysfunctional mental healthcare system that fails them miserably."

--Patrick Tracey, author of Stalking Irish Madness: Searching for the Roots of My Family's Schizophrenia

"Every person in a leadership position needs to take the time to read this moving story
of triumph over adversity."

--State Representative John Adams, Ohio House Minority Whip

"The fact that Michael bravely fought this disease, picked up the pieces and moved beyond
it, should give others hope that one day schizophrenia will be seen as a treatable disease
with no stigma attached."

--Sharon Goldberg, News & Reviews Editor,"NYC Voices": A Journal for Mental Health Advocacy

" Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey is a book that I couldn't put down. The
story of Michael's parents Susie and Mark who support their son both in good times and
bad really touched me. I really like the way the symptoms of schizophrenia are explained

--Bill MacPhee, Founder/CEO of SZ Magazine

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From the Reflections of America Series at Modern History Press

PSY022050 Psychology : Psychopathology - Schizophrenia

BIO026000 Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs

MED105000 Medical / Psychiatry / General
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