Beck Valley Books reviews “We’re Not All the Same, But We’re Family”

Sharon Martin, of Beck Valley Books writes:

We’re All Not the Same, But We’re Still Family: An Adoption and Birth Family Story is an excellent story which depicts the story of Deshaun and how he has a lot of questions about being adopted. Why was he given up for adoption? Who are his real parents? How will he cope when he meets or locate his real parents?

With the support of his adopted parents Deshaun goes on a discovery to find his real dad and once they find him it tells the story of how the relationship is rebuilt, the fears Deshaun has and the positive reassurance he receives from his adopted parents.

The drawings and easy to read narrative explains what every adopted person will feel at some point in their life in searching for their true identity. The story ends on a high note with Deshaun not only finding his dad but also finds he has an extended family who readily accept him. 

A well written book for a personal point of view which will help others understand adoption and the search to find out about their heritage

I'm Mixed and I'm Me

A Celebration of Multiracial and Multicultural Identity
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UPC: 978-161599-713-8
Brand: Loving Healing Press
Binding: Paperback
Audiobook: Audible, iTunes
Edition: 1st
Author: Sarah Porter
Illustrator: Carlos Solano
Pages: 24
Publication Date: 02/01/2023

Snacks and Wiggles are on a journey, snacking and dancing through their day to understand where they came from and why they are different from some of their friends. From Mommy's northern Maine woods to Daddy's Jamaican beaches, they will explore what it means to be from two different cultures. They will learn what sets them apart but also how their differences are exactly what make them special.

Key learning points include:

  • Many feelings are associated with figuring out your identity
  • There are many ways to be a family
  • It's important to understand differences
  • The color of your skin does not define you
  • Kindness is what unites us all
  • We are all the same on the inside
  • Each parent brings something unique to your identity and culture
  • No matter what you look like, you are loved for who you are

"As part of a mixed couple, we often receive stares, and my children get questions. It is so important to teach children to focus on the similarities rather than the differences and to understand that love breaks all barriers. Love the book!" --Dr. Deborah Gracia, D.O. and mom

"Sarah Porter has written a delightful, rhyming book with colorful illustrations that will help children of all cultures and races be proud of their identity and give them a sense of belonging. Children will understand the importance of embracing diversity and accepting others-regardless of the color of their skin or their diverse heritages. This book will delight all children who, at some point, will struggle with their identity." --Kim Larkins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author of Emma Lou the Yorkie Poo: Breathing in the Calm

"I'm Mixed and I'm Me is a must-read for any family, especially those with multicultural children. Beautifully written and colorfully illustrated, it's an excellent book to read with your kids. It teaches children the simple yet all-important lessons of self-love and empowerment." --Dr. Sonali Ruder, ER physician and founder of

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