Victoria Constantino reviews The True Nature of Tarot — 10th Anniversary Edition

The True Nature of Tarot — 10th anniversary edition
Marvelous Spirit Press, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-61599-584-4
Paperback, 346 pp., $27.95
Reviewed by Victoria Constantino (reproduced with permission)

The True Nature of TarotReleased this year in an updated 10th anniversary edition, The True Nature of Tarot by Diane Wing is an exploration of a beloved system of divination that continues to increase in popularity and widespread use. Prefaced by eight chapters filled with guidance and approaches for beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike, at the heart of the book is an index of interpretations for each card and a compendium of card combinations with possible meanings. Chock full of helpful information and insight, The True Nature of Tarot is a valuable guide for both professional tarot readers and seekers.

An understanding of tarot as “a dynamic tool that reflects where we are on the path,” Wing notes in the book, aids us through life as we grow and seek deeper wisdom. A tool for reflection, tarot offers a method for us to connect with the divine and the truth within, to understand ourselves on deeper levels so that, ultimately, we can discover our own answers. “The ultimate goal,” Wing writes, “is self-mastery, where you do not need to consult those external to you; you’ll be able to tap into your own intuition and your own sovereign judgment. When you master yourself, you master your destiny. It will no longer be a question of prophecy, but rather creative direction.” And part of the value of tarot is as a tool that can help us to achieve self-mastery. It is a tool for spiritual growth and development, something that can guide us on our path to self-sovereignty.

Spreads, approaches to reading and interpreting cards, detecting patterns in readings, and guidance on choosing a practitioner are some of the book’s highlights. Of exceptional value is the guidance on tuning into the intuition, psychic development, and preparation techniques such as grounding. The True Nature of Tarot is packed with useful information that evidences the author’s deep understanding of tarot derived from a decades-long practice. This is a book that belongs on any reader’s or seeker’s shelf.

Words of a Journey: My Thoughts on Life and Living

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A book by a teenager for teenagers!

Words of a Journey is a book for anyone who wants to take a closer
look at life's meaning and their experiences.
Seventeen-year old Kaitlyn Kashman has designed this book to
provide thought-stimulation on various issues and feelings that young
adults explore. The book is a potpourri of poetry, with introspective,
inspirational questions and observations to stimulate thought in readers
so they can come to a clearer understanding of their own feelings
and desires.

Topics for deeper introspection run the vast range of emotions and
situations young adults experience to help readers analyze and clarify
their own relationships:

  • Understanding unrequited love leads to analysis between what
    is a want vs. a need.
  • The difficulties of first love, learning about oneself, seeking the
    thrill of love, and knowing when it is best to end.
  • Discovering that one cannot change for another person.
  • Learning that sometimes we love our own fictional version of a
  • Nourishing a budding sense of new identity.
  • Finding the boundaries between two people, accepting and
    embracing ourselves.

    An important book for any teenager or young adult, Words of a
    will take readers down a path that will lead them back home
    to find a better version of themselves.

    Critics Praise for Words of A Journey

    "In Words of a Journey Kaitlyn gives teenagers permission to
    think for themselves and a place to express themselves on the
    pages of the book. A simple thought gives way to self-expression
    and the opportunity for clarity. Words of a Journey: My
    Thoughts on Life and Living, serves as a journal that can be used
    every day. Often, we simply need to see our thoughts in print
    to make sense out of our struggle and to fully appreciate our

    --Judee Ausnow, author of Drama is Optional: A Guide for Teens

    Learn more at

    From the World Voices Series at Modern History Press

    Look for paperback and eBook editions too!

    POE011000 POETRY / Canadian
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