Quotidian Tales reviews Harvey the Hippo

The tale of an adorable floating Hippo who eventually make good food choices.

This book, its illustrations, and the story are a sheer joy to young readers! Have you not had this conversation with your kids and asked them to make good food habits? That whole conversation becomes easy when they read about Harvey, their hippo friend, touring the entire world and finally deciding to pick healthy food options.

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Crisp rhythm, friendly tone, and valor reside throughout the tale of Harvey. The floating part of the tale bring kids into a pleasant aura where they can feel free and light while connecting to their little friend Harvey.

Moreover, how author Abby Pete tours Harvey through the different cities around the world instills curiosity in a kid’s mind about cultures and food habits in various parts of the world. We cannot disagree that it harvests awareness about food and health in diverse setups.

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Harvey The Hippo – is a great feel-good verse for your kid that instigates their mind to evaluate their food selections. Grab it as a new year’s gift of joy for a little one, and let them make the right choices!

Harvey The Hippo Review

Harvey the Hippo brings new delight to the body of read-aloud literature for young children. The rhythm of the poem is sure to engage the ear of many a three to six-year-old, and the vibrantly tinted illustrations are pure confection to the eye. Thank you, Harvey, for nourishing the inner life of the young child!
Toni Seidl, child psychotherapist

As a pediatrician, I see the effects of unhealthy food choices on children every day. Harvey the Hippo is a fun, beautifully illustrated story that opens the door for families to discuss with young children how food choices affect their bodies
Jamie Pinto, pediatrician

Our daughters loved the rhyming words, illustrations, and lessons learned about eating well in Harvey the Hippo. It was fun to join Harvey on his trip around the world. We were able to discuss geography, different cultures, and foods. This book will serve as a touchstone for our family to remind all of us to eat well and only enjoy treats in moderation.
Martha and Paul Sharkey, Founders, Today Is A Good Day

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