MBR reviews Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree

Children’s Bookwatch: March 2019
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree
Cristina Hanif, author
Murray Stenton, illustrator
Loving Healing Press
ISBN 978-1-61599-421-2 $15.95 www.LHPress.com
Logan and Luna find the Magic Tree

Logan and Luna find the Magic Tree

Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree is a wonderful story that invites children to dream and to sink deeply into the realm of literature and reading, which has a real magic all its own. Logan and Luna lived in a big city with both parents and spent their weekdays surrounded with people, noise, buildings, and pollution, very busy getting through ordinary life in a city. But on weekends, Logan and Luna traveled with their parents to their grandfather’s house by the lake, near the woods. The children loved it there. Logan’s grandfather encouraged him in his love of stories and books. One weekend visit found Logan and Luna wandering in woods nearby as the day grew dark. They were amazed to discover a light showing a doorway into a tree, which they found to be a huge library inside, peopled with friendly gnomes. Before they could explore further, they heard their parents calling and they found the tree, the library and the gnomes all disappeared as their parents arrived. Although the darkness was scary, the children loved the wonderful magic tree and described it to their parents, who did not believe their story. They followed their parents to their grandfather’s lakeside home and safety.

Logan and Luna continued to have wonderful daytime adventures in the country, but at night they wanted to go find the magic tree again. As they tiptoed out the door in the dark, they saw their grandfather coming with them. Just as Logan had described, the three found the light in the woods and the magic tree, filled with a huge library and hundreds of friendly gnomes. Logan’s grandfather explained, “It has been here for hundreds of years …..The magic tree can only be seen by those people who really believe in the power of imagination and reading.” This love of the power of literature was shared by Logan’s grandfather with his grandchildren, the excitement, power, and love of reading. Because Logan and Luna chose to dream, they were able to visit the beautiful library filled with books and gnomes who guarded the tree from intruders who don’t believe in magic. “Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree” is a beautiful story about the treasure of imagination and the power of dreams. In a book filled with mystical images of children wandering in the woods, reading stories, the light of dreams invites dreamers to go deeper.

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