Reader Views on “Inspirational Musings” by Barbara Sinor

Inspirational Musings

Inspirational Musings

Inspirational Musings: Insights Through Healing
Barbara Sinor, PhD
Loving Healing Press (2018)
ISBN 9781615994052
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views

The moment I picked up and read the back cover, I knew I needed to read “Inspirational Musings, Insights Through Healing” by Barbara Sinor. Not many know this, but I spent 2018 in a wheelchair due to a foot surgery gone wrong. I am still recuperating, as it is not totally healed, and I still need my cane to walk distances farther than just few steps. I wished that I’d found this book in the early stages of my surgery, but late is always better than never!
“Inspirational Musings” begins with a recounting of the author’s own experience with a fall that fractured her hip, the resulting surgery, and long recuperation. Ms. Sinor was definitely wiser than me, as she used her tragedy to look within and embark on a self-discovery adventure which helped her grow as she healed. She now shares her insights from her journey in this book.

Barbara Sinor presents readers with a tiny book loaded with inspirational quotes and obtained wisdom. Each vignette is composed of a small quote followed with her own reflection as it applied to her experience and healing. I suggest the audience read the quote first, followed by the author’s reflection, and then go back to the quote. I found that by going back to the quote I experienced an expanded wisdom, as Sinor’s input in many occasions revealed an angle I didn’t perceive on my first read of the quote. “Inspirational Musings” is very well written and easy to read. It is compact enough to carry around and re-visit any time there is a need to look inward. I also found it to be an awesome guide for journaling, thanks to the abundant supply of inspirational and healing messages geared to help people living through difficult times as they overcome physical and emotional wounds. Needless to say, it is also a read for all who want to embark on an inward journey.

Overall, I am grateful that I picked up “Inspirational Musings: Insights Through Healing” by Barbara Sinor and recommend it as a five-star guide for all who are trying to heal and all who need inspiration to meditate and journal for self-growth. I am keeping this one close to me to re-visit as I journal my own healing journey.

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