Fran Lewis reviews Float, by Aimee Ruland

Cover of the book Float by Aimee Ruland

Float by Aimee Ruland

Float is a valuable resource to help everyone understand and identify you emotions. It teaches us to learn how to release unwanted thoughts and feelings and negative emotions. It’s time for you to face your fears, anger and heal and feel special. Follow each guide of each balloon as I did. As author Aimee L. Ruland helps everyone take their own journey and learn the valuable lessons and you too as I did will embrace the the colors, symbols and learn how to breathe and as adults and children can learn you too will find your way to inner peace and Float. Fran Lewis just reviews

Imagine letting go of your fears,anger,anxiety and stress just my taking the time to release them in a unique way. Adults and children often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and need to find ways to release it. Join this young child and learn the trick . Relax your body and breathe deep and look inside and find your true self.

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