Reader Views Kids on “Logan and Luna Find the Magic Tree”

Cristina Hanif
Loving Healing Press (2018)
ISBN 9781615994212
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 6) and Mom for Reader View Kids (9/19)

Logan and Luna find the Magic Tree

Logan and Luna find the Magic Tree

Logan and Luna find the Magic Tree” by Cristina Hanif is the story of two siblings, Logan and Luna, who with their family, go to visit their grandpa. Logan and Luna and their parents live in the city where it is crowded and hard to see the sky at night. Their grandpa lives by a lake where there is more room and it is quieter. Their grandpa likes to read books to them, and Logan and Luna like to listen to the stories.

Logan and Luna like to do things by themselves and one day they decide to go exploring in the woods when it is starting to get kind of dark out. They have gone a long way into the woods and want to turn back, but then they see a light in a tree. They go inside the tree, and it has a bunch of books and a bunch of gnomes! When the kids try to tell their parents about the tree house, they don’t believe them. The kids are sad about that. One night they decide to sneak out and try to find the tree house again, but this time their grandpa comes with them. The grandpa knew about the tree house the whole time and tells them that only those people who like to read and listen to stories can find it. The kids like going back to grandpa’s whenever they can.

While reading this book, I really liked the pictures. I think they have pretty colors and I liked the pictures of the gnomes and their books. I think I have about as many books as they do at my house, but I always like to get more!

A Note from Mom:

Cristina Hanif has written a charming story about having a love of reading and literature. Logan and Luna already have a love of reading, which makes sense why they were allowed into the gnomes’ house, and their parents had outgrown their love of literature, which is sad, but it made sense why they couldn’t see it. For a debut book from an author, I believe Hanif wrote a good one that is able to be understood by children even at young ages. In “Logan and Luna” the point gets across that books contain stories that can take you to new places and help you to gain new experiences.

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