Audiobook From Depression to Contentment just released!

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of Dr. Bob Rich’s popular text From Depression to Contentment now available from all major audiobook sources:

From Depression to Contentment: A Self-Therapy Guide is a course of therapy in your pocket. You can be your own therapist, changing the way you see yourself and your world. Not only does this save lots of money, it also is 100 percent confidential. The book starts with first aid, provides an understanding of the nature and causes of suffering, instructs you in research-based techniques for dealing with your problems and, finally, teaches you an actual cure for depression.

  • Every tool in this book is based on research, but presented in an easy-to-understand, easy to apply manner.
  • With homework assignments, you will find your inner strengths, uncover the true source of happiness, and develop great resilience.
  • Learn how to put the philosophies of all great religions to practical use, even if you are an atheist.
  • This program can help you start a new life – one of meaning, positivity, and purpose.
  • Unlike instructional books, this book is not only useful but also enjoyable.

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