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Reviewer’s Bookwatch: May 2019
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From Depression to Contentment: A Self-Therapy Guide
Bob Rich
9781615994366, $27.95 HC, 156pp, $5.95 Kindle
9781615994359, $16.95 PB, www.amazon.com

Kevin Richardson

Book cover image - From Depression to Contentment by Bob Rich

From Depression to Contentment by Bob Rich

This is one of the best instructional books I’ve ever read. I’ve not only learned much from it, but discovered so much about my own life. “From Depression to Contentment” is not in any way a religious book, but it gave me the same kind of solace many people get from the Bible and its equivalents in other religions. After dealing with relieving depression, which Bob understands because he has suffered the pain himself, he explains concepts such as Hedonic Adaptation. This is that whatever happens around us, people return to their customary level of happiness or misery. He teaches how to improve our resilience, and eventually even explains how to be a therapist through unconditional love, empathy and genuineness. The book should be compulsory reading in schools, for students of all ages, up to mine, which is older than most.

Let me explain how it relates to my life. I went from Australia to Thailand, supposedly for two years, but ended up staying permanently. The lifestyle of the poor farmers exactly illustrates what Bob Rich is talking about in this book. They know they will forever be poor and downtrodden by the extremely rich who work hard to keep things that way. And yet, the farmers stay contented, following the philosophy I find in “From Depression to Contentment:” the principles of Buddhism. They have never learned envy or want, so are simply content with their lot. It’s a relief after my life of business. I see this book as “How to Enjoy Life Even if You Have Been Depressed.” 5 stars indeed.

Kevin Richardson says he is a historian, novelist and world traveller. A retired journalist, he has written several exciting historical adventures set in Australia’s past. Every review of every book has been 5 star. I’ve reviewed a number of his books, and yes, had to assign 5 stars to each. Do look him up.

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