Reader Views reviews 101 Tips for Better and More Healthy Sleep

101 Tips for Better and More Healthy Sleep

A report in early March 2024 from the National Council on Aging states that about 30% of adults struggle with symptoms of insomnia. reports that as of July 1, 2023, the United States population is close to 335 million – without doing the math, that’s a lot of people. Overall, the struggles related to sleep issues are vast, with some known treatments available while others remain unknown.

Alan E. Smith has completed research and compiled “101 Tips for Better and More Healthy Sleep.” These tips touch on every avenue of thought – holistic, western medicine, technological, and spiritual. Eight categories include ideas about “sleep basics, designing your sleep environment, ways of monitoring your sleep, and alternative options” to reach the widest audience and help the millions of people struggling with sleeping healthily and soundly. The information provided is concise and presented in a manner for the reader to accurately comprehend; each tip is a paragraph in length but includes specifics (statistics) about the topic and additional suggestions to aid the reader.

This reader found the tips and topics spot on to what is commonly complained about regarding sleep. The additional information provided was knowledge this reader was pleased to learn about; further treatments, suggestions for others, and possibly proactive information for readers like me. I appreciate how the information presented is readable to anyone picking up the book – no scholarly insight needed, just an open mind to suggestions and things to keep in mind to try for yourself, acquaintances, or loved ones.

The book is a mere forty-two pages long, providing condensed information that might be found in a lengthy essay. It is multi-purpose, allowing the reader to further research a topic of interest or settle for the information and suggestions presented. Alan E. Smith’s interest and dedication to the topic are evident through the diligence given to his finished product. “101 Tips for Better and More Healthy Sleep” covers information necessary for all readers to know, especially those struggling with sleep.

Alan E. Smith
Loving Healing Press (2023)
ISBN: 978-1615997176
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (03/2024)

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